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Pengertian kaligrafi

calligraphy comes from the Greek meaning "beautiful writing".
In the history of Islamic civilization, Arab art of letter writing that it be cut verses of Qur'an or Hadith of the Prophet SAW has a very special place. Every Muslim
believe that Arabic is the language used by God when lowering the Koran to Prophet Muhammad SAW. The language is also used in the whole procedure of worship by Muslims around the world. Because in the Islamic teachings in the form of sentient life paintings are included something forbidden, then the Muslims mengeskpresikan his artistic passion, among others, through this calligraphic art. The works of calligraphy is a lot to be ornaments in many fields, ranging from buildings, coins, decorative arts, jewelry, textiles, weapons until the manuscript.
Although the actual in the present Arabic Language has evolved long before Islam was born, but the language is spreading rapidly in line with the development of Islamic religion. Caliph Abdul Malik (685-705 AD) of the Umayyads made a political decision which is very important in this field is to establish Arabic as the official language of Islam throughout the region, although at first Arabic language not used in these areas.

Calligraphy is one of the art in Islam, which has been developed since ancient times. Its function is certainly not just a mere ornament or decoration, but more than that, calligraphy is a means to worship, dhikr (because every look of calligraphy, we will remember Allah SWT).

Islamic Calligraphy Initially, many were written on leather or palm leaves. The invention of paper in China in the mid 9th century AD a large enough role in the development of this art, the paper price is relatively cheap, relatively abundant, easy to cut and coloring techniques from the side more easily than the materials used previously.
Ibn Muqla (886-940 AD) was one of the best calligraphers in the Islamic calligraphic art awalperkembangan. He developed a geometric principles of Islamic dalamkaligrafi then widely used by the calligraphers who came after, he also plays develop cursive who later was known as a lot gayaNaskh Manuscripts dipakia to write the Koran.
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